Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guidelines for Writing Descriptive Essays

Most of the students do not have idea about what is a descriptive essay and how to write descriptive essays. Before starting your descriptive essay, you should have a clear cut idea about how to write it. A descriptive essay describes an object or an event. There are several ways to write a descriptive essay. This essay is often creative, personal or imaginative. Descriptive essay facts can be available from different academic writing services. Students who read such articles can understand how to write a descriptive essay about an object or an event.
Before starting to write, you want to decide about what topic going to writing with.
While writing descriptive essay, the key word that you want to keep in mind is ‘Description’.
This indicates your essay should focus on detailed description of topic.   In your essay you want to describe an object or an event. While writing, always keep in mind the purpose of your description on a specific topic. Your descriptive essay should give a clear picture of topic.  Now a day’s various online services giving the guidelines for writing descriptive essays.
Observations occupy most of the Descriptive essays that describe the natural situation and circumstances. Imaginary impressions are often used while describing such situations in a descriptive essay. Such imaginary impressions should be as easily as possible in order to understand for an ameture reader. You can use imaginary impressions for explaining your essay. You can also use the visual skills or words to describe your essay. Pattern is also a very important attribute to be noted while writing descriptive essay, make sure you including pattern checking in your proof reading activity after finishing the essay.

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  1. I've read on certain websites descriptive essays with a storyline behind it. For example a camp, they have written and described what happened during the day and night. However, my teacher have told me that a descriptive essay, is an essay that cannot consist of a storyline. So what does my teacher mean? I once wrote about a supermarket, me buying certain items and exiting the supermarket. But my teacher said that it was still considered as a storyline. I'm confused.